Warphen | Bicycle


Warphen Bicycles are excited to share the experience of riding a bike with intelligent pivot system. Its all about IC or instantaneous center, achieved by tracing intersection lines from two linkages. The pivot point is traveling forward/upward during suspension travel. 

Warphen Bicycles goal is to make a durable, simple to maintain bicycle frames with a no-frills suspension design. Warphen Bicycles are just simple two linkages with bearing uniquely counter rotating to achieve the most intelligent bicycle suspension ever! We are obsessed for a quest for the best mountain bike every person can possibly get. 

We design our bikes with anatomy and physiology in mind as a rider and a mountain machine should be in symphony to conquer the most unforgiving terrain. After 10,000 hours of designing the best bike we could possibly make, we introduce the best ever trail weapon!

Warphen Bicycles is a new company founded in Covina, California, USA. Warphen Bicycles suspension system is based on a unique patented design called Intelifloat™ US9145185B1. Our first model the M160C is a 27.5 wheeled 160mm travel enduro all-mountain bike.

The low pivot position actively works during heavy pedaling burly trails or uphill climbs and smartly pivot goes up on gnarly rock gardens. The most efficient pedaling and braking suspension platform is finally here.